Swimming Pools in Islamabad

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  1. ahmed khalid says:

    Police line charges 3000 per mnth

    While 300 as card fee

  2. Sania Asim says:

    Is there any option for kids to learn swimming every weekend

  3. Wali says:

    Thanks..! 🙂

  4. Zohaib Sattar says:

    Can any body tell me the phone no of police line swimming pool management ….so that I can contact them and join.

  5. Hassan Ahmed says:

    It is Impossible to get Sports Complex membership

  6. Buggy says:

    Can women swim in these pool?? Like they r only for men or Also some arrangements for women

  7. Ali says:

    Any Swimming Pool Near G11

  8. umer says:

    which location

  9. Mohsin Rathore says:


    please check the link above for the fee structure – i think its pretty cool, only 500 for a month, the only catch is their yearly fee, but thats not too bad either, have a read guys

  10. Ammol says:

    How much fee for swimming in police line currently?? And what will timing for female?? Plzz guide me..

  11. bilal says:

    what’s the procedure to get the membership of sports complex swimming pool.is there any special discount or some special arrangements for the government officer

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