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  • Yesterday we had a family gathering. I was sitting with my uncle and he asked me randomly, have you seen the movie The Karate Kid? I said yes I have. Then he asked if I remember the scene in it where the woman […]

    • Thank you for your input. Kindly go through my post again so that you can get clearer idea of what I am trying to explain πŸ™‚

  • It’s a common misconception amongΒ people that all ring fighting sports are martial arts. No they’re not.

    Even if your “ring fighting sport” is so cool that a practitioner can take on an opponent 100 times his […]

    • If your Bujinkan or any other teacher taught you all the aspects of ninjutsu, including survival, weapons, assassination, warfare, fighting an army, then you choose the right teacher.

      If not, then I’m sorry you wasted your time over fancy promises πŸ™‚

    • good for you then πŸ™‚

  • Sometimes people debate regarding who’s real ninja and who isn’t. Or they might be debating that some martial arts club teaches real ninjutsu and some other doesn’t. Well this can be the case with not just […]

    • I’m glad to have such a knowledgeable person with us, who completed his knowledge and learnt all possible stuff in 3 years πŸ™‚

    • I’ve tried to read your comment in chunks, it’s uselessly long, try to learn how to summarize and convey your message in minimum words πŸ™‚

      Now coming to your weird content in this comment! Riffat who? Shihan who? This blog isn’t about any unknown entity or person bro, come out of your small shell please πŸ™‚ We’re discussing ninjutsu here, not someone you like or prostate to.

  • Pressure points are one of the most fantasized and often “not-shared” secrets of martial arts training, especially Ninjutsu.

    Pressure points is such a sensitive knowledge that it can only be transferred to the […]

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  • There are many swimming pools in Islamabad, some are even all season and not just open during summers. However many people find it hard to find swimming pools in Islamabad and if they do, they’re not sure about […]

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    Hi Ninjas!

  • Rim kick is taught as a step kick initially and then as a jump/float kick once the student gets senior and expert in ground movement and the kick.

    Rim kick appears like a roundhouse kick, which is true too, as […]

  • Wheel kick is so called because the striking leg makes a full circle without any bends in it, strikes the target, and keeps on flowing in the same direction and comes back to the stance position.

    The beauty of […]

  • Side push kick is a very powerful and effective kick and is taught next to rim kick. It’s the last kick of the white belt in Ninjutsu.

    Side push kick is the modification of side kick in which the body steps / j […]

  • Side kick is usually the third kick after the front kick and roundhouse kick to be taught to the students of martial arts. It’s difficult to master initially but once learnt and practiced much, it becomes very s […]