Karate Kid Snake Scene – Real or Myth?

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2 Responses

  1. Leonard Barlow says:

    Um… what? Your points on hypnotism is all wrong. Moving out of the way of a car (or any oncoming object/danger) is an instinct, a reflex. That crow thing is also an instinct, an evolutionary adaption. Saying hypnotism is anything that triggers a reaction is wrong, that’s just a cause. That’s like saying if you touch something hot, moving your hand is hypnotism. No these are just reactions. I think it could have been hypnotism, but your examples aren’t hypnotism. If someone hypnotizes crows to do that somehow then yeah, but an instinct, reflex, or other adoptions aren’t hypnotism. Hypnotism is to cause someone or an animal to do something they wouldn’t do, but these are natural reactions so obviously it is what they do. They’re not disguised as natural phenomena, they are natural instincts. If you’re stabbed and screens and feel pain, is that hypnotism? There’s a difference between hypnotism and a trigger, yes they cause the reaction but it’s not hypnotism. You’re basically trying to say every cause and effect situation, everything we do in our lives for a reason is hypnotism. No it’s life organisms react to their environment and other stimuli.

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