Swimming Pools in Islamabad

There are many swimming pools in Islamabad, some are even all season and not just open during summers. However many people find it hard to find swimming pools in Islamabad and if they do, they’re not sure about their location and fees.

Swimming Pools in Islamabad

Here’s a list of swimming pools in Islamabad with as much info as we could possibly gather. Any additions and corrections to the information provided here regarding swimming pools in Islamabad are welcomed.

swimming pools in islamabad

Sports Complex Swimming Pool Islamabad

Sports complex is one of the best swimming pools facility in Islamabad. It has both indoor and outdoor pools.

Length: 50m.

Fees: Sports complex charges 11000 Rs per year while the guests can swim at 200 rs per day.

Getting a membership can be confusing and troubling for some members too. Please visit sports complex swimming pool and let us know if you face any difficulty.

Megazone Swimming Pool Islamabad

Megazone (previously called hotshots) in F-9, Islamabad, has a swimming pool too. However this pool is smaller in size and is not meant for professional swimmers.

Length: 20 m (needs confirmation).

Max Depth: 8 feet (needs confirmation).

Fees: 400/day or 5000 per month. They also provide discounts for swimming for families on family packages and others too.

Cloud Nine Islamabad Swimming Pool

Cloud 9 is a club with various facilities in F-7, Islamabad, with a swimming facility. However their pool isn’t large enough to satisfy a professional swimmer too.

Fees: 500/day.

Length: 25 m (needs confirmation though).

Police Lines Swimming Pool Islamabad

Swimming Pool is also available at Police Lines H-10, Islamabad. This swimming pool is available for general public too. Please visit police lines Islamabad for swimming pool’s info.

Fees: 3500/month (needs confirmation though).

Length: 25 m (needs confirmation though).

New Schedule fro Police Lines Swimming Pool for 2016 is as follows: (including timing):


Islamabad Club Swimming Pool Islamabad

Swimming pool in Islamabad Club, Islamabad, is probably allowed for Islamabad club members only (confirmation needed).

If you find any error or correction for the information provided in this article, please let me know. If you know anymore swimming pools in Islamabad and want them to be listed here, please let me know too through comments and I will add them here!

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  1. ahmed khalid says:

    Police line charges 3000 per mnth

    While 300 as card fee

  2. Sania Asim says:

    Is there any option for kids to learn swimming every weekend

  3. Wali says:

    Thanks..! 🙂

  4. Zohaib Sattar says:

    Can any body tell me the phone no of police line swimming pool management ….so that I can contact them and join.

  5. Hassan Ahmed says:

    It is Impossible to get Sports Complex membership

  6. Buggy says:

    Can women swim in these pool?? Like they r only for men or Also some arrangements for women

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