Pressure Points

Pressure points are one of the most fantasized and often “not-shared” secrets of martial arts training, especially Ninjutsu.

Pressure points is such a sensitive knowledge that it can only be transferred to the most trusted of the individuals. This knowledge in the wrong hands will eventually cause more damage than the good to the humanity. Therefore it’s not transferred to most individuals. Due to this reason, most individuals claim that it doesn’t exist or isn’t effective, as they’ve never got any knowledge related to this.

Some might argue that there are many styles having various pressure points, then how does one become better than the other. Well the answer is bit elaborate and needs you to know a lot of other things. Before grasping this concept and understand how one set of pressure points differs from the other.

Types of pressure points

Well there are various ways of categorizing the pressure points though, I like to classify them into:

  • Nerve strike points
  • Muscle (and tendon) strike points
  • Weak points

Now it’s important to understand that the dynamics that govern these types of points differ and thus the response and effectiveness too. Some might be instantaneous, some might be bearable too up to some extent and so on.

Weak points category encompasses various pressure points which don’t fall under first two categories.

Before going into the details of these pressure strike points, we need to understand what are nerves, tendons, blood vessels, etc. and the difference between them (will be adding the details to site soon, till then try getting the idea via wikipedia).

pressure points

Nerve strike points

Nerve strike points focus on hitting the nerves and ganglions. Both have their own benefits. Remember that the nerves can easily get damaged and mostly the damage is irreversible. Therefore be careful while practicing and don’t apply them unless you’re sure that the opponent deserves this strike.

I won’t be disclosing the lethal nerve strike points publicly to avoid misuse though, but will give the general idea.

(to be continued…)

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